SPIRULINA 90’s Capsule


DXN Spirulina

Alkaline Food from Mother Earth

– Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae or cyanobacteria.

– DXN is the first direct selling company in Malaysia to produce Spirulina from the cultivation process to finished goods.

– Only the selected best species is cultivated.

– Naturally cultivated in a clean pond.

– No pesticides or herbicides are applied.

– Suitable for children, adults and senior citizens.

– Available in tablet, capsule and powder forms to suit your needs.

* Ingredients :

– DXN Spirulina Capsule : Spirulina platensis powder.

– DXN Spirulina Tablet : Spirulina platensis, Excipients.

– DXN Spirulina Powder : Spirulina platensis powder.

* Available packaging size:

-250mg x 120 tablets

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